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Testing some new frit blends

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 Testing New Frit Blends

At the moment my bead addiction is frit swirly beads. Frit swirly beads are such good fun to make and the results are often amazing.
Here are some beads made with new frit blends that I have been testing.
new frit blends e sized 300 new frit blends g sized 300 frit beads b sized 300 frit beads a sized 300

New Frit Blends

All of these beads have been made with frit swirled with clear glass

Carrot Cake swirls of orange, red and earth tones.

Moon Walk swirls of purple, green and earth tones Jungle Juice swirls of yellow/green and earth tones Margarita swirls of turquoise and yellow/green
new frit beads 1h sized new frit beads 2 j sized new frit beads 3d sized new frit beads 4a sized
Lily Pond swirls of transparent green, blue and yellow 
 Grasshopper swirls of greens and cream  Carousel swirls of pinks, purples and peaches Nutmeg swirls of browns and creams
new frit beads 8d sized new frit beads 5a sized new frit beads 12e sized  new frit beads 9b sized
Tapestry swirls of green, purple and earth tones Cool Water swirls of turquoise and green Sundance swirls of orange and yellow  
new frit beads 10c sized new frit beads 11b sized new frit beads 7 sized  

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