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Frit Colours

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Beadbug Blends - Frittie beads made on a base of white. All Beadbug Frit Blends are £2.30 for 25g.

a wee bit frittie - sand yellow b 200  alien a 200  allure beads size 200  amelie a 200  angelica b 200 
A Wee Bit Frittie  Alien Allure Amelie Angelica
apple fritter d 200 baked fritasca a 200 bliss b 200  breeze b 200  casinover b 200
Apple Fritter Baked Fritasca Bliss Breeze Casinover
cherry fizz c 200 cupid a 200 delirium a 200 fairy wisp d 200 fancy that b 200 
Cherry Fizz Cupied Delirium Fairy Wisp Fancy That 
fantasia a 200  fleur a 200  flirtie birtie a 200  flock f 200  floozie b 200 
Fantasia  Fleur  Flurtie Burtie Flock Floozie
flower power b 200  foxglove b 200  fritberry beads sized 200  frivolous b 200  funky frog 200 
Flower Power Foxglove Fritberry Frivolous Funky Frog 
glamour puss a 200 glittering fandango a 200  grass scent a 200 harriet ping pong a 200 heaven scent b 200
Glamour Puss Glittering Fandango Grass Scent Harriet Ping Pong Heaven Scent
hippie a 200  hypnosied a 200  i love that b 200  irresistable e 200  jingle a 200 
Hippie   Hypnotised  I Love That  Irresistible  Jingle
just bee cool a 200  lazy snail b 200  lets dabble a 200  love bug a 200 lovey dovey b 200
Just Bee Cool Lazy Snail Lets Dabble Love Bug Lovey Dovey
mesmerised b 200  monty b 200  parisium a 200  pea pod b 200  peony party c 200 
Mesmerised Monty Parisium Pea Pod Peony Party
peppy 200 pink pumpkin b200  popsicle b 200 rabbit food d 200  secret recipe b 200 
Peppy Pink Pumpkin Popsicle Rabbit Food Secret Recipe
sir laughalot a 200 spellbound b 200  tickled pink b 200  touch of blue d 200  turquoise talola a 200 
Sir Laughalot Spellbound Tickled Pink Touch of Blue Turquoise Talola
tutti frutti b 200 very hip b 200 yummy b 200 zippy b 200  
Tutti Fruttie Very Hip Yummy  Zippie  

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