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Oooooh Gaffer Colour

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This is the start of the Gaffer CoE 96 bead colour chart, more colours are to be added. When taking the photographs of these beads I have aimed to capture the true colous, however, at times it can be difficult to capture the exact colours and also colours may vary due to different computer monitors.


Gaffer Neutrals

chocolate beads a 200 russet b 200 burnt sienna b 200 tobacco beads 200 cinammon b 200
Gaffer Chocolate Gaffer Russet Gaffer Burnt Sienna Gaffer Light Tobacco Gaffer Cinnamon
pigeon grey 200 weimeriner brown b 200 mushroom d 200 duck egg white a 200  
Gaffer Pigeon Grey Gaffer Weimaraner Brown Gaffer Mushroon Gaffer Duck Egg White  


Gaffer Purples & Pinks

royal purple beads 200 heliotrope beads 200 purpur beads 200 violet beads 200  lavender beads 200
Gaffer Royal Purple Gaffer Heliotrope Gaffer Purpur Gaffer Violet Gaffer Lavender
gold pink extra b 200 pale rose b 200       
Gaffer Gold Pink Extra Gaffer Pale Rose       


Gaffer Reds, Oranges & Yellows

crimson beads 200 chilli red b 200  cherry red beads 200  opal orange beads 200 
Gaffer Crimson Gaffer Chilli Red Gaffer Cherry Red Gaffer Opal Orange 
tangerine b 200 taxi cab yellow b 200 canary yellow 200 d yellow beads 200
Gaffer Tangerine Gaffer Taxi Cab Yellow Gaffer Canary Yellow Gaffer Yellow
daffodil 200      
Gaffer Daffodil      


Gaffer Greens 

british racing green b 200 forest green beads 200 jade green a 200 verde duro b 200 olive green b 200
Gaffer British Racing Green Gaffer Forest Green Gaffer Jade Green Gaffer Verde Duro Gaffer Olive Green
lime green beads 200 chartreuse b 200 apple green b 200 celadon a 200 trans green 200
Gaffer Lime Green Gaffer Chartreuse Gaffer Light Apple Green Gaffer Celadon Gaffer Light Emerald Green


Gaffer Blues 

lapis blue b 200 blue druro c 200 denim blue c 200 stratus blue beads a 200 pale blue turquiose beads 200
Gaffer Lapis Blue Gaffer Blue Duro Gaffer Denim Blue Gaffer Stratus Blue Gaffer Pale Blue Turquoise
azure a 200 turquoise a 200 light aquamarine 200    
Gaffer Azure Gaffer Turquoise Gaffer Light Aquamarine    

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