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Reichenbach Rods

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Some new Reichenbach rods in CoE 94(+/-2) due to arrive next week. The new colours include:

Stiff White (which I thought might be good for dotty beads), Cocos, White Smoke, Opal Brown, Plum Blue, Purple, Reseda Green, Dense Green, Marine Blue, Pale Light Blue, Opal Nile Green, Jade Green, Metallic Emerald Transparent, Cherry Red Extra Transparent, Orange Transparent, Fire Red, Light Orange.

Iris Collection

Some of the Iris colours are opaque and some are transparent:

Opaque: Iris Dark Brown, Iris Night Blue, Iris Brown Light, Iris Brown, Iris Brown Dark.

Transparent: Iris Violet, Iris Green, Iris Blue, Iris Yellow Light, Iris Amber, Iris Light Blue, Iris Gold, Iris Yellow.

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