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Mini Tutorial - Reichenbach Iris Amber Frit

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Reichenbach Iris Amber glass frit can produce a wonderful range of colours.  These beads show the wonderful earthy, green and blue colours that can be produced using a neutral flame.  All of the Iris colours like transparent straw, browns and golden colours as this helps to produce some wonderful effects.
  • Make a base of medium topaz; make the base about 3/4 the size of what the bead is going to be.
  • Wrap around in three places, each end and middle of bead, a thin stringer of iris orange and melt in.
  • Roll bead in Iris Amber glass frit and melt in.
  • Wrap medium topaz around in two places, and melt in and shape.
  • Iris amber frit can be reduced, but these beads have not been reduced; they have been made in a neutral flame.


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