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Reichenbach Goodies

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We have just received a delivery from Reichenbach and have lots of new rod and frit goodies in CoE 94(+/-2) on the website. There are some brand new colours from Reichenbach and some colours that have not been on the website before: All of the below should be listed on the website, although some of the pictures may not yet be uploaded.


  • RW0010                Violet Blue
  • RW0012                Amethyst Reddish
  • RW0013                Amethyst Bluish
  • RW0014                Hyazinth
  • RW0021                Lemon Yellow
  • RW0027                Anna Green
  • RW0040                Aqua Blue
  • RW0092                Night Blue
  • RW0134                Scarlet Brown
  • RW0167                Hot Pink
  • RW0180                Neon Green
  • RW0186                New Light Yellow
  • RW0187                Cyan Grey
  • RW0189                Elephant Grey
  • RW0224                Mocca
  • RW0260                Smoke Blue Light
  • RW0262                Aurora Extra Light
  • RW0303                Royal Blue
  • RW0381                Quartz Grey
  • RW0724                Cream Yellow
  • RW0725                Cream Orange
  • RW0726                New Yellow
  • RW0728                Cream Brown

Frit in size K1

  • RW0006                Aurora Reddish
  • RW0011                Heliotrope
  • RW0014                Hyazinth
  • RW0023                Olive
  • RW0039                Brilliant Copper Blue
  • RW0046                Aquamarine
  • RW0058                Aventurine Old Gold
  • RW0067                Opal Orange Yellow
  • RW0073                Apple Green
  • RW0167                Hot Pink
  • RW0171                New Blue
  • RW0724                Cream Yellow
  • RW0725                Cream Orange
  • RW0728                Cream Brown



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